Haircuts and New Styles From The Newest Hairdressers in Blackpool

Totally ClipsHere at Totally Clips, located in Blackpool, we can help you feel and look great!

We are a the new hairdressers in Blackpool. We offer with affordable, low prices and a 25 percent loyalty discount card! Our team make certain our customers are surrounded by a friendly atmosphere with a quick and helpful service. Our group of experienced hairdressers give a high quality service to all our customers.

Hairdressing Loyalty Card Discounts for Blackpool Residents

Totally Clips are offering customers a handy loyalty card that comes with 25% off your next and every single appointment with Totally Clips. With this card, you can grab the latest bargains and get them at an even cheaper price! Contine reading

We Are UK’s Number 1 Flood Restoration Experts

Dritech cover all apsects of flood damage restorationIf you are going through a distressing time with the recent floods, and your property has been damaged, we can help you.

DriTech are a flood restoration company that can easily solve your distressing situation. We offer our services across the United Kingdom. We help the customer to the best of our ability, ensuring that your property is dealt with carefully and quickly.  For many years we have been an improved insurance network.

Our team of friendly and outgoing people specialise in flood, fire storm and a variety of services. Here at DriTech we believe our customer should always be happy. Therefore, we come with free estimate costs, arrive at your property or building within 4 hours & Insurance claim help. Our company has worked for the insurance claim market across the UK since 1988. Contine reading

The Governments New Flood Tax Levy

The government has thrown a small lifeline to around 6,500 families who were forced to leave their homes due to recent flooding. Whilst their properties are unlivable, they have been promised that they will not have to pay out any council tax until they are able to move back into their homes.

Is Council Tax Relief For Flood Victims A Good Gesture?

David Camoron and the Flood Tax LevyWith councils already struggling to balance their budgets, the government has pledged around £4 million to cover the shortfall in council budgets. At first glance, this may appear to be a good gesture to victims of flooding but as far as we are concerned it is too little, too late.

On reflection a lot of the heartache and devastation could have been avoided if budgets for flood defences had not been cut by the government in the first place. This has led to insurers questioning a deal made with the government where they would keep insuring homes in high risk areas whilst the government kept funding flood defences.

Once the government started to cut the flood defence budget the deal with insurers was put at risk so a new agreement was settled upon where there government offered an overdraft which will be built up from premiums from flood insurance policies. This fund will also be topped up with a charge from home insurance policies from home that as not in a flood risk area. Contine reading

Why You Need An Independent Loss Adjuster After Recent Floods in the UK

One of the many scenes of flooding in the UKDid you know that AMPM’s Rated Loss Adjusters offer a free loss adjusting service when you utilize their recommended contractors to repair your property? This could be fantastic news for those whose properties have been damaged by this winters flooding that has devastated properties across the UK.

So why would you need an independent loss adjuster? After all you could you go directly to your insurer and let them handle it for you couldn’t you? That is what your insurer is for isn’t it? Well put it this way, if you have previously made an insurance claim for property damage in the past, you may have found that your insurer may have offered you less than what you believed to be enough to cover the repair costs to an acceptable standard. Contine reading

Professional Web Design Blackpool

Affordable Web Design Blackpool.

We are a professional and experienced web design and search engine optimization company, offering you some of the best services in the UK for web design and SEO no matter the scale, we tailor make bespoke websites to your personal needs from a small personal websites to large company and commercial websites.Our expertise is unmatched when it comes to the web design industry, SEO, pay per click and hosting! Contine reading

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SEO Services Blackpool

WebWeDo offer a great variety of monthly SEO services with prices starting from £99! At WebWeDo we believe all ranking increase processes like link building should be a gradual seo-hostingprocess that increases your engine rankings steadily. That is why we do not offer “quick fix” bulk link packages as these are a short term and not very efficient way of SEO, so we provide you with a long term and steady link base that will increase your page rank.

In the past year or so Google have introduced a few major updates (penguin and Panda) Contine reading

Web Design Blackpool | Pay Per Click Services

Web Design Blackpool Pay Per Click Services:
Pay per click sitesPay Per Click is one of the easiest ways to gain more traffic to your website but is a paid service as stated in the name. This is also a 100% guaranteed way that you will be on the first page of Google for competitive search terms. That being said if you do not know what you are doing the charges can spiral out of control without you even gaining any customers, spending allot of your money whilst seeing nothing in return.Some forms of PPC management services charge you a fee every month promising to be on the first page of Google for what you believe to be a popular search term related to your product when in reality it isn’t. Contine reading