Why You Need An Independent Loss Adjuster After Recent Floods in the UK

Did you know that AMPM’s Rated Loss Adjusters offer a free loss adjusting service when you utilize their recommended contractors to repair your property? This could be fantastic news for those whose properties have been damaged by this winters flooding that has devastated properties across the UK.

So why would you need an independent loss adjuster? After all, you could you go directly to your insurer and let them handle it for you couldn’t you? That is what your insurer is for, isn’t it? Well put it this way, if you have previously made an insurance claim for property damage in the past, you may have found that your insurer may have offered you less than what you believed to be enough to cover the repair costs to an acceptable standard.

This could be because your insurer will appoint a loss assessor on their behalf in order to protect their interests. The loss assessor will then report back to the insurer with an evaluation of the damage. Now it is important to know that the loss assessor is being paid by the insurance company and for him it makes sense to protect your insurer.

Many insurers will offer a primarily offer cash settlement which at first may seem perfectly acceptable but when you look into exactly how much the repairs will cost you soon find that the offer falls way short of the real cost of repairs.

AMPM’s Rated Loss adjusters take a different approach to insurance claims management. As independent loss adjusting company, they are under no pressure whatsoever from your insurer. This enables them to assess any flood damage in a much fairer way. After all they are working for you – not your insurance company!

Rated Loss Adjusters do not exist to increase your settlement to more than what it should be, they work to ensure that the settlement you receive is fair. AMPM will work to make sure that you receive 100 percent of your entitlement, No More No Less.

AMPM offer this service at no cost to you when you agree to appoint one of their recommended flood restoration companies. These are handpicked by AMPM based on their expertise and experience with flood damage restoration. Alternatively, if you would prefer a cash settlement instead then AMPM will provide this service for a 10 percent fee.

Find out how AMPM can protect your interests after damage to your property: https://www.publiclossadjusters.com

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